Top Dressing Soil in Ottawa

Top Dressing Soil

If you’re looking to enhance your lawn or garden’s health and vitality, top dressing soil is a valuable practice that can make a world of difference. 

What is Top dressing Soil?

Top dressing soil is a horticultural practice of applying a layer of compost, organic matter, or specialized soil blend to the surface of an existing lawn or garden bed. This layer serves several purposes, such as improving soil quality, enhancing its ability to retain moisture and nutrients, and promoting a healthier, more vibrant lawn or garden.

How Topdressing Soil Is Made

Our top dressing soil is an organic soil blend that is made up of compost, sandy top soil, and peat loam. These 3 products are mixed together and processed through our screening plant to produce a soil conditioner that is nutrient rich, has high organic content, adds moisture availability, and structure. Our top dressing soil is an excellent option to use to top dress your existing lawn with a thin ¼ inch layer to amend your existing soil and to be used in overseeding applications. 

Benefits of Using Top Dressing Soil

Soil Enrichment:
Top dressing soil provides essential nutrients and organic matter to the existing soil, enriching it and making it more fertile. This can lead to healthier grass or plants with better root development and increased resilience.

Improved Soil Structure: It helps to improve the soil structure, making it easier for grass and plants to access water and nutrients. It also reduces soil compaction, which can be detrimental to grass or plant growth.

Weed Suppression: A properly applied top dressing layer can help suppress weeds, as it creates a barrier that inhibits weed growth.

Disease Prevention: Using quality top dressing materials can help prevent the spread of soil-borne diseases and pests, promoting a healthier lawn and garden ecosystem.

When to Use Top Dressing Soil

Lawn: For lawns, early spring and late summer are the best times to topdress. This allows the grass to recover and grow vigorously during the main growing seasons.

Garden Beds: In garden beds, you can apply top dressing soil during the spring or fall, as these are periods of active growth for most plants.

Vegetable Gardens: In vegetable gardens, consider top dressing before planting your crops or between planting seasons to rejuvenate the soil.

Applying Top Dressing Soil

Prepare the Area:
Remove any debris, weeds, or rocks from the area to be top dressed.

Spread Evenly: Top dressing soil should be evenly spread across the area. For lawns, we use a shovel, rake, or a specialized top dressing machine. For garden beds, it is applied by hand and gently worked into the soil.

Water Thoroughly: After applying the top dressing, the area needs to be wateredto help settle the material and encourage nutrient penetration.

Monitor and Maintain: Regularly check your lawn or garden to ensure that the top dressing is having the desired effect. It may need to be reapplied periodically to maintain soil health.

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