Soil Preparation for Hydroseeding

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Soil Prepared

Soil that is properly prepared for hydroseeding will greatly reflect the health and appearance of your newly hydroseeded lawn. It is imperative to ensure your soil is properly prepared before you hydroseed to ensure the best results. If your soil is too compact it will limit the space between soil particles and reduce the movement of air, water, and the ability for the roots to penetrate through the soil.

We will Harley rake your entire property using our Harley rake attachment on our skid steer to loosen the top 2” layer of soil which help to level the surface, eliminating low spots, and allow grass roots to penetrate deeply and evenly once seeded. Deep roots will make your lawn more drought resistant and your lawn will be denser as new grass plant shoots emerge. The denser your lawn the better it crowds out weeds and is more resistant to insects and disease.

soil prep
Prepare your soil for
Harley rake
Your entire property
Deeper roots
crowd out weeds
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