On-Site Soil Screening

Screen Your Topsoil
For Re-Use

Don’t want to haul all your stripped or excavated top soil off site? Lanthier topsoil and landscape provides on site screening services to screen your topsoil for re use. Equipped with power screen warrior 800 and a power screen 80 foot tracked stacker we are able to screen soil at your construction site, Residential housing development, estate property or yard.

Hauling re usable material off site can be costly. By hiring Lanthier Topsoil and Landscape we can float all of our equipment to your site to process topsoil that has been stripped or excavated into a re usable product saving you money on trucking in topsoil from off site. 

If your stockpiled soil is of low quality. No problem we can bring in soil enhancements to mix with your soil to give you your desired product that meets specifications for your project.

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topsoil stack
Power Screen Warrior 800
We bring it to you
Power Screen 80 Foot Tracked Stacker
We bring it to you
Soil Enhancements
to mix with your soil
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